New Adventures in Modern Thinking

“To know that you are a prisoner of

your mind, that you live in an imaginary

world of your own creation, is the dawn

of wisdom.” 

Nisargadatta Maharaj


My Fellow humans, as they say, or have been saying, it’s time.


It’s time to stop, drop, and wake up.

QUESTION: How many of you question what we call ‘reality’ on a daily basis?  This will come as a surprise to say the least, but do you realize that this is all make-believe, imaginary? Life. The Universe. It’s true, and this is being made more evident, by science, in particular. Welcome to the dawning of a new age of essential wisdom.


The only problem we’ve ever had is that we have lost certain ways of thinking. It’s the magical missing link, between you or what you think you are, and the truth of what you actually are. One of these ways is the lost art of deeper thinking /contemplation. Of being quiet and engaged in silence. There is an art to thinking and must it be used correctly. It has been said that the mind makes a great servant, but a terrible master. Your primary responsibility in life is being aware of how and what you think, your ability to transcend or evolve your thinking, to gain more and more awareness, and more importantly, to be aware of how you feel intuitively.


There are many different ways of thinking, however, we’ve been relegated for thousands of years to fixed conditioned limited ways of thinking. Science has already proven well over a hundred years ago, that our thoughts do indeed create this often confused word ‘reality.’ Reality simply means this: you are living in a dream state. End of story. Your brain, in accordance with the 5 senses, literally manufactures this dream state. This is utterly true. Life is truly strange and bizarre. But, the saddest part of this, is, there is this notion that what I’m saying is nonsense, crazy, or even worse, boring. Who cares, right? Whatever reality is, let’s get on with it!  We are truly magnificent, we’re dazzling in fact, and I honor and love all self-expression and the thrill of being alive.

It’s just that, while all this is grand, the truth of all this, is never given much time or airspace. We get so caught up in our lives, that we forget to commune with the only inalienable right we have, which is to remember to stay alert to our ways of thinking, to monitor it, observe it, and finally, to transcend it.

Thinking is a tool… in many ways lol . Great wisdom traditions tell us it that it is the mysterious in-nature force that is unconditional love that makes up everything, all life. Science also says the same thing, only in its weird awkward funny science like way, that the fundamental nature of the Universe / all life / physical matter is composed of a mysterious force beyond comprehension.

Why all of this is so important.

What is this mysterious force you might ask? Sooner or later, you will have to deal with the deeper greater questions of life. What is death? Is it different from life? What is perception? Is what you are experiencing, real or could there be something more to this. Why are you here? What is here? It is inevitable. At the risk of sounding dramatic, your entire life is dependent on you coming to terms with the truth of life : ) 


The most compelling fact is the Indisputable Truth: there is no such thing as cause and effect. There is no conclusive evidence as to how and when the Universe began, only theories, and there never will be, because of the severely limited perspective of understanding /reasoning. This means there is no beginning to any of this. If there is no beginning, then there is still no beginning. How can something be, without a beginning? There is nothing. No answer.


The only logical explanation is that you are the only cause.  This thing reading this, and this thing writing this, is the cause of everything. Nothing else makes sense. Ta da! It’s you. You are the creator of all, and yes, life is way stranger than fiction, because it is fiction. Time is only a construct,  it’s made up, there’s no such thing, only the eternal now-ness. Collectively, we can’t keep running away from this. The greatest service you can ever render to the world and yourself is to realize the indisputable truth. You can keep doing exactly what you want, but until you become mindful, and start connecting with the truth, you will live a life of limitations, servitude and ultimately, unfulfillment.


The good news.


When was the last time you questioned the origins of the Universe?

What created it? If you already have the answer, are you sure, or have you questioned if that could possibly be untrue? How often do you think about where you physically are in the Universe? How often do you sit in awe and wonder of the magnitude of it all? How often do you challenge any ideas you may have long since forgotten about the why of it all, and no really, how did this exactly happen, and when. The minute you learn how to think correctly, by reconnecting with the truth at all times, you are in the original prototypical human state of consciousness, which is pure awareness. Think of the Universe as an endless field of crackling awareness, pure energy, pure consciousness. It’s just as Star Wars said, it’s the force. It’s unlimited potential. It’s radiate, boundless love. You are that force.


Newfound freedom.

Unless you live under a proverbial rock, you are aware that things, in general, are moving very fast. This includes the natural evolutionary advancement in thinking of Self-realization, and there are vast amounts of people are already attuned to this, such as myself. It’s time to take a look at the biggest picture.


What are we here for if not adventure? It’s fun to have fun lol. However, we are not very adventurous thinkers. Remember, reality is only a set of belief systems, entirely made up by you. We love adventure in the world, again, hurray and incredible, but that kind of exploration is only the tip o’ the iceberg compared to being an adventurous thinker. Imagine that, by shifting your thinking, you are literally creating a new reality. Our reality now is only a bundle of possibilities,  amongst an infinity. It is one way of thinking.

Seek the same adventure, within, by examining yourself, starting with asking “ who am I?” take that as far as you can. What is a human being? What does that mean? Go deep into the jungles of you. What great unknown parts WITHIN you have you yet to explore? You will begin to find endless worlds and vistas, but more than that, it will literally and figuratively open pathways into the only source, unconditioned love. The natural evolutionary shift in consciousness and hence in the world, happening at great pace now, is one from head to heart. It is a swift and firm shift into the highest intelligence, that of the heart or simply love, or pure unbound freedom.

Other words synonymous with love, are consciousness, beingness, oneness, freedom. 

It is unconditioned thinking. It is being the witnesser of all thoughts, of being awareness itself. To bring this down to the ground, your life with self-inquiry will feel like you will keep doing what you do, but your new perspective is a higher and more open awareness, such that whatever it is you’re doing will become less significant, without egoic attachment, no longer driven by fear with a reliance that this force is completely capable of taking care of all details. You begin to practice the art of surrender, of transcendence, of operating from boundless love rather than your mind. So we’re on the same page, your mind is a bundle of thoughts concepts ideas ego and time. Physically, it is a bundle of waves bouncing around.  You must first use the mind, to understand the mind, in order to transcend or surrender the mind to a force higher and far more intelligent, than it. Work with your mind as it was meant to be… It is your (not so humble haha) servant, only there as your operating system. There is so much more to life than we’ll ever possibly know, and the only access to it, is how and what you think, what you feel, and your turning over to a new way of seeing life…as it really is.


Your greatest adventure can begin right now. What you do in the world, is entirely up to you, however,  I would have you consider how much time you are spending in it, with that of any kind of inner life, meditation, contemplation, rumination /  being in silence. Our wake up call is this: We’ve been evolving for billions of years to come to find we are the One and only force, God if you will, if you don’t, then whatever you believe created this. You’re it. This is your Universe.


This is a new era of the hyper advancement in the evolution of consciousness.


You’re call. Find out. Go deep or go home or go deep to get home. Explore within. Things are changing quickly, obviously with technology, to the point of not being able to tell the difference between ourselves and what we have created. A complete merging of man and his machine, his Frankenstein. I read somewhere that time supposedly is moving faster. Take advantage of this shifting energy. Open yourself up to self-inquiry, to discovering the simple profound shocking fucking truth! And of course, as this is an adventure, have fun, be kind, love and laugh whenever possible, don’t take any of this seriously ever, you made it all up, and finally (famous last words) let go of it all by turning it all over to your highest source of you, the highest force in the Universe, the heart.  


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