Matt’s Multidimensional Playshop 5. w(o)w

Hey there beautiful. Yeah, you! Thank You for being you! My name is Matt Cornwall. At this very moment,  too many metaphors abound.

 Here’s one: I’m like a cosmic old-school telephone switchboard operator gal on rollerskates that they used to have, only, the switchboard is the many reflections of the one consciousness, and i’m connecting and plugging myself and with that, my mind’s mirrored many reflections of myself, into higher deeper portal / dimensions of supreme bliss fun love. So, i have this idea. 

Recently, my adorable grand-niece paid me what i consider the greatest compliment ever! She said, ” Uncle Gum,.. (as in uncle great uncle matt : ) how come you’re NEVER serious?” What came out of me is something i don’t remember uttering before, but i told her that it is because i believe seriousness is a disease or dis – ease , or simply, ill at ease.

 I’ve been an artist/writer/actor/musician and DJ, and or overall creator or bringer of joy my whole life, and after coming out of a 5-year stint of completely unplugging from the world, am heeding the deafening collective consciousness shift wailing going on now. 

I”m currently allowing / developing a “Playshop” tentatively called ” Matt’s Multidimensional Playshop 5.w(0)w 

So far, what’s come out of me, is a bunch of really fun silly interactive new improv comedy-styled games and experiments. This has come about when a friend of mine who’s  “cosmic coaching” workshop i’m taking, asked me: 

 “What do you think/ feel the world needs right now?”

 Obviously in addition to Jackie DeShannon’s timeless song “What the world needs now is love,” I told him what the world needs now is fun and cosmic innocent play!

 Being serious is antithetical to the exuberantly playful nature of the universe. 

We are mere children of the universe, playing together on this beautiful little playground. We’re like these magical little cosmic fairies, farting out realities left and right lol.
 We, pure consciousness, are manifesting into marvelous forms, to experiment/have fun/ play with. I’m convinced that any form of suffering is the direct result of the dis-ease known as seriousness or being “GRAVE” ( the irony of this word speaks for itself : )

 One of the projects I’m developing is called the C.S.D.C or The Center for Seriousness Disease Control and Prevention ( modeled after the C.D.C or Center for Disease Control and Prevention.) I’m seeing it as a movement and potential viable national public (mental and therefore physical) health agency…or …not sure if you’re familiar with the movement, which is essentially performance art / group happenings using humor to bring awareness to how ridiculous it is being seriously attached to illusions, of any sort ; )…

 I see it starting out as a commentary/reply call to awareness resulting from our 2-year covid stupor /or the tightening of the nuts and bolts of fear and control, and that we humans are what Landmark Education has called ” meaning-making machines” and since all is invented, the exact opposite of whatever is believed true is also of course true.

 In this new agency, there could be newly defined doctors with new methods of testing how serious a patient is, (how fun and funny would that be ? ; )  and new forms of medication, such as advanced laughter and a whole new definition of vaccinations, or tools for letting go / not taking life seriously at all. 

(A tagline:  ” you should seriously consider how serious you’ve become” ; ) 

Another chapter of the C.S.D.C could be dedicated entirely to creating new absolute love peace and bliss viruses or algorithms.

 I’m seeing it as a call to arms to redefine or remind the masses that we have the power to create re-invent or make up entirely new meaning. It’s our gift, and duty dam it!

Lastly, i’m seeing this agency as a portal for freeing the limited imagination, and opening and cultivating the unlimited imagination.

I mean, let’s keep this strange and magical occurrence we call this human dimension weird and full of unbiased wonderment! This experiment in hyper-normalization is clearly failing us and clearly reaching an end.  We’re all just a bunch of emperors with no clothes on because we’re all born naked, and free. We are still free enough to be able to choose which clothes fit us best, and or no clothing at all…both metaphorically ..and literally (why not! ) 

Our truest antidote has always resided in our miraculous power to re-imagine and re-create. We are indeed fully equipped to infect ourselves with full-blown bliss. We got this. This dream is our dream. We are fast becoming pure bliss scientists. We are here to experience being fully blissfully alive right here right now. It is clearly time to develop the Science of non-seriousness Bliss and Cosmic Innocent Play. 


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