Operation : The Entire Universe / your Entire Imagination

That’s what you’re doing right now.
I would say all that’s happening is you are just imagining this, which is true , but the unexplainable feat of magic that is the act of imagining and furthermore living conditionally within ones imagination, is too remarkable and astounding to shrug off lightly.

This moment right now is beyond remarkable. It is beyond speech.

Light, air, space. Things of wonder.
Thoughts, matter, time. What is real and not a dream?
What is the exact ingredient to make a moment feel unconditionally extraordinarily alive?

It is fresh space.
Eager and waiting.

You are inventing an entire universe. It is all the contents of your vast imagination.
Imagine that the entire universe is like a ginormous mansion that you built.
However, what’s happened is that you have only been living in one room of the mansion..let’s say the den. You’ve become so preoccupied with this one room or story of the house that is You, that you’ve forgotten to inhabit the entire mansion!
Not that the den alone isn’t cozy and wonderful, but think of all the rooms filled with all kinds of different treasures and rich experiences waiting to be had.

You are designing an entire universe or activating the entirety of your unlimited imagination so that you may FREQUENT it.

It’s why it’s here.
In order for you to access this universal mansion, you’re gonna have to let go of all preconceived constructs, such as a personal identity. The only thing separating you from it, is by labeling it as different or separate from you.
Drop all labels and definitions.

A fresh new page of reality is being allowed.

You are projecting the entire universe/ your entire Imagination, but, are only experiencing a very small portion of it.

You temporarily got caught in a hall of mirrors, but now you are beginning to frequent higher and higher tones of bliss ..

Wherever you are right now, allow for complete expansion, releasing any preconceived ideas..just boundless loving vibration.
You are the heart of every galaxy..
These cosmic caves of space are the interior of your mansion that is the free-flowing unconditioned living imagination.
You are free to be this entire living experiment in consciousness we call the universe or the imagination.

You’ve experimented long enough with conditioned mind-level reality.

It’s time for absolute truth and freedom to prevail once again.
The entire universe is your kingdom.
You now inhabit all the galaxies, you are countless boundless space.
You are the supreme intelligence..
You are pure unquantifiable unlimited source waking up fully from a dream.
You are the Omnipotent One.
You are the source of it all. The force. The dreamer, not the dream.

You have the keys to the whole kingdom and full access to this universal playland.

The world / the ego is only a faint sensation. It’s becoming a distant tune.
This is why you are here now.
You’ve come to awaken from the mortal dream of life.
You are taking back your cosmic heritage of carte blanche Universal freedom of mind.

Can you feel the shift? Can you feel nature expanding beyond the limited labels which have been used to represent it?
We are here to allow ourselves to be free and loving by letting go and surrendering contrived living to pure awareness beingness. You are everything arisen and evolving into Universal Omnipresent Mind.

The earth dream is fine, but you deserve it all. All of it is yours.

Declare it to be so and so it is.

Your natural birthright is for full omnipotent power or force.
You are the wise energy behind it all.
Your human incarnation is only the very beginning.
Let nature take its course by turning it over to your absolute highest self.
Egoic or personal identity is fast becoming an idea whose time has come. We come to find over and over, the best identity that suits us best, is the Unnameable One.
Pure non conceptualized unhindered living imagination.
This is the collective shift happening now on the planet, and the Final Frontier.


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