The Numinous Room

The Numinous Room
Corporate sat-sang
The spiritual tune up
From the age of information to the age of Omnipresent Awareness
From the ordinary mind to the extraordinary mind
Pure awareness consciousness is neither false nor true, but a magnificent means of abiding,
Relaxed, fresh, and genuine, it is laid bare in its natural state,
Discerned within the interval between samsara and nirvana.
Fundamentally, there is no coming and going in the basic space of Enlightenment.
The enlightened forms of victorious ones, do not come or go.
All the appearances of moving staying or dwelling, that manifest in dreams, do so within a single state of sleep.
However, it is not The sleep that stays moves or dwells, similarly, nothing, neither The Universe of appearances and possibilities whether of Samsara or Nirvana, nor any of the myriad beings who manifest as moving staying or dwelling therein, Strays from the sole state of awareness.
Rather, everything is clearly apparent without truly existing.
The ground of being manifesting as sensory appearances.
Awakened mind..
There is never any thinking or conceptualizing within awakened mind.
The state of absolute enlightenment is free of thinking.
But in so far as ordinary beings hold what does not exist to be existent, they are said to engage in concepts based on confusion.
Awareness is beyond the scope of ordinary Thought, and so is completely non-conceptual timeless awareness.
There is freedom from the limitations of ordinary thought.
It is inconceivable timeless awareness itself.
It is self-knowing awareness, an unobstructed state.
This state can be reached by resting within awareness without making the effort to rest.
It is the state of spontaneous Presence.
Pristine lucidity
This is naturally occurring timeless awareness.
Timeless freedom is exalted above everything. It is freedom from limitation.
In the State of pure freedom and oneness, there is no sense of multiplicity.
Since circumstances are freed from circumstances, reliance on constructs is no longer necessary.
Since causes themselves are freed by causes there is no need for reliance on either Samsara or Nirvana.
Since phenomena is freed by phenomena, there is no need for reliance on conventional descriptions.
Since mind itself is freed by mind, there is no need for reliance on characterization by the intellect.

The secret web of magic states


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