Cosmic Innocent Play

Just look at the sky.

Ask yourself, “What the fuck is that?!” If you don’t use the ‘fuck’ word, ask yourself, “what the heck is that?!”

You don’t know. Nobody does. There simply is no actual answer as to the origins of the universe. All we have are theories, stories, opinions, speculation, conjecture, concepts or ideas. It’s all made up, imagined, invented, and put into place as subsequent not -working -well- at-all models with which we base and operate our lives around.

Simply put, human beings habitually forget that they are creating all the meaning anything has, and habitually self-appoint one another with the power and authority to enforce systems of living based on whatever manufactured meaning with which they assemble.

If you’re a hyper-rational type like me, your immediate response to this is to call foul and try to negate the glaringly obvious truth, that we still remain inconclusively mysterious, and that all of our knowledge, including and especially the different ways in which we think, are invented by us. We are still ultimately unknowable, save for our uncanny ability to invent and project meaning.

One can even safely say that one’s entire life hinges on this fact. As processed programmed brainwashed and hyper-normalized, as we are and have become, underneath that rigid conditioned self, is actual reality.

When all is said and done, that’s all this is.. a bunch of words transacting a dream within your own imagination.

Why is there a planet, and why are you on it? How could that ever possibly be? Do you realize how crazy this is? Whatever you come up with, or have been deeply programmed and conditioned to believe in or not believe in, is so far-fetched, that concepts like “The Big Bang” or God can truly only be seen as what we call the miraculous. Another way of saying this is, we are making all this stuff up. These are only thoughts, and, you and I and us and them all “live” as complex imaginings in what can at best be described as a seemingly infinite supply of imaginings or descriptions.


Any serious attachment to this dream has been proven countless times to cause some form of suffering because none of this was meant to be taken seriously. How could you? Your very life is most assuredly some kind of cosmic joke because death is the punchline! What could be more funny and preposterous than the concepts of birth and death?

Imagine if everyone suddenly came to this realization. The thing speaks for itself. We are all clearly at the level now of being able to admit that our explanations / theories / concepts / ideas are only that, and, who we think we are is utterly absurd and or clearly insane, and that whatever happens is all just an experiment in the creative powers of the imagination.

It has become abundantly clear that if we able to create and attach to our very own meaning, then we are also capable of letting go entirely of this process. We are in fact, ready willing, and able to assert ourselves as nothing more than COSMIC INNOCENT PLAY.

We are still all entitled to remain mysterious and miraculous, without any attachment to it. No one and no thing can ever take that away from you.


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