Come to your non-senses

“Hear the echoes and feel yourself starting to turn, don’t know why you should feel that there’s something to learn, it’s just a game that you play.” -Al Stewart, taken from the song “Time Passages.”

The mind makes for a wonderful servant but a terrible master and this jig is up.

If I’ve learned anything, it’s to stop learning and to just be raw experience itself, free of dogma and knowledge. I’m done with this cosmic kindergarten/entry-level reality of restricting my unfathomable imagination to only experience 5 senses and being sworn to duty to its dogma and self-appointed authority. I’m actually embarrassed that i’ve become so addicted to and obsessed with this constrained story within my immeasurable imagination about a separated and distinct human being thing on some beautiful but imperceptible and utterly implausible planet.

The good news is that you’re now aware enough to realize this. Without the concept of time, there is only now. All that is happening or ever happened is spontaneous, and all that is happening is that you are right here right now relegating yourself to this human being story or interpretation amongst an infinity’s worth. It’s just an experiment or act of what it would be like to capture and hold ourselves within some very specific narrative.

We are all at this moment, clearly very clever with narratives, and because we are powerful enough to suspend ourselves in one story alone, complete with the (dis)ability to forget we are literally only imagining / dreaming this, we can also right here right now let go of this experiment in limitations.

“You are so free, you choose bondage. You are free.” – Abraham-Hicks

Admit it. The 5 senses only game is played out. We’ve become slaves to our intellects. We invented a conditioned mindset to have it be our servant, but now it’s the other way around. This truly incomprehensible and beyond explainable story you’re inventing live right now has got the very best of you. Notice how inseparable you’ve become to this idea of a separate you. Also, take notice of any feelings you might be having that what you’re reading now is crazy talk and absurd. This voice thing that is always talking and calling itself you, is rapidly becoming aware of itself as the culprit behind this.

A congratulation is in order. We did it. We’ve thoroughly mastered this frequency /dimension of mind that is an objective reality and exhausted this quaint little ride in a body holding on tightly to its 5 senses only handlebars.

The moment is right here right now ready willing and able to allow for the unlimited you, by forgoing the well-worn senses for complete expansion into your non-senses.

How titillating and refreshing it is fully understanding that all of it is nonsense anyway.

It’s just we/you/I/us/them/it making up stuff. It was cute for a hot second, playing hide and go seek with yourself. but now it’s on to way bigger and funner games.

tag, you’re it! All of it. No longer just a mere version of it.


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