Did you know your body and mind are only a habit?

It’s true!

Take this pregnant space of silence between here



Where does everything go in that blank silent space? Similarly…

close your eyes ..

now … open them. Where did everything go with your eyes closed? Nothing there. When you open your eyes, something appears. Reality is literally as simple as that.

You the creator, are the seer, and whatever appears is an illusion.

ahhhh ..


This poem is genetically coded..
Each word of it is a superconductor for emitting absolute freedom, peace and ultimate power.
As you read it,
You will begin to notice a feeling of supernatural radiate bliss emanating beyond the words themselves.
These words have already completely unlocked any sense of limitation of being.
Please know every word you are reading acts just like HTML/ computer code,
And each word has formed the web address and permanent access to unlimited bliss power peace and freedom consciousness.

Use this poem anytime you forget your new permanent address of pure potential / possibility.
Just say the word bliss 3 times in your mind, and you will become it.

This code poem is eternally charged with energy.

Every word you have just read immediately dispels all habits, starting with the mind and body.
You are officially unleashed and untethered.


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