We Be The Bang

Picture this : it’s now o’ clock, and you’ve fully awakened into that which is beyond words. What you feel is instantaneous absolute expansiveness.

This feeling of complete and total expansiveness is so strong, that any sense of being a separate entity is consumed by fresh magnificent radiant light/energy/consciousness.

Not that the ego and conditioned mind is in any way bad or wrong…after all, it’s our invention to experiment with and experience what it might be like to solely inhabit a make-shift reality. I believe we are at the tipping point in the collective consciousness whereby we can no longer obfuscate or run away from the indisputable truth as to the mystery of our existence, and our uncanny ability to both imagine and consequently become unflinchingly attached to and trapped by our very own imaginings.

Human beings are in Cosmic Kindergarten, and, the dimension of living solely within the confines of subject and object is child play. The only thing holding you back from being the whole shebang is this antiquated notion of a separate you.

All that is literally happening in this very moment, is that you’ve attached yourself to a moving image, or imagining. The Universe / All is mental. Consciousness or Beingness can be likened to a vast ocean full of waves in motion. The fundamental core of You, is the ocean, or the Source of fluid imagination, while the on and off, coming and going, rising and crashing waves or thoughts are merely a tiny facet of you. Consequently, due to our conditioning, we’ve been trained for what seems like forever now, to solely identify only as a wave or bundle of waves or thoughts, when rational deducement alone will tell you that your truest and most real nature is beyond that which comes and goes, appears and disappears. When one becomes able enough to suspend or drop all thoughts and thinking, this becomes abundantly clear. All that is happening right now is that, out of habit only, you are choosing to attach or associate You, the Source of all, or the unlimited imagination with only one of its endless imaginings.

It is truly as if we are collectively waking up from a dream or a trance or a deep state of self-hypnosis. We are realizing that not only are we meaning making machines, but by the awareness of awareness alone, are collectively seeing how remedial we’ve been with the usage of our vast and incalculable intelligence, by desperately clinging to that which is transitory and fleeting, or simply illusory.

We are awake aware and realized enough now to fully understand we are the stuff of dreams and miracles, or one and the same. You are the gatekeeper and holder, and your truest state of being or consciousness is no gates at all. Our very nature is that of nature itself ; fluid, abundant, unfettered, and present.

We be the bang, and that which makes it sound.

We be the silence, and that which suspends its ground.

We be the peace and we be the love,

we be all the below and all the above,

and one thing stands true, whether old or new,

the only thing that seems to be occurring is some idea of a separate you.

Freedom is implicitly knowing there is freedom from living as a conditioned mindset.

Freedom is all, all is freedom.


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