The Ascending Ladder of Bliss

The words you will now read, are coming from a 5D cocoon within you, spewing an intergalactic language, sequencing in an out of pattern time intervals..

The weight of the entire universe rests upon the lips of invisible flowers,

The human brain is a box of light with levers and receivers.

The lights have suddenly all turned on now.
The smoke and mirrors of the dream have cleared..

It blinks simultaneously as your blink.
It sees what you see, without yours eyes…
Before visibility.

The room is flooded with light now.

Space is now replaced with a warm glowing sensation.

Your life as you know it starts to feel a tremendous comedic relief.

To think, you once sincerely literally believed you were only something calling itself a human being living on some fantasy island in this immeasurable insurmountable unfathomable explosive light parade. You’ve tricked yourself once again you little trickster!

Stop where you are right now..
take off your serious gowns and pedigrees ..

Your mind / body is only a habit. They exist solely as memories brought to life over and over through endless unconscious repetition.
Are you having fun doing this or have you just forgotten you’re making this all up, and can’t remember how to be adjust or alleviate these patterns?
Do you cling to this human dimension of mind, or is it a choice which you willingly chose?
How often do you frequent other dimensions? Are you even aware that you can create a multitude of dimensions?

YOU ARE FREE. – Abraham-Hicks

Your crown, is now fully lit.
The Universe is a delicious and delightful assortment of cosmic fruit.
Can you now taste its skin?

All the galaxies laugh as you laugh.

The walls holding this flood of light hold no longer.
You are the eternally flowing blossom,
The flowering mandala.  

The whole shebang, all at once.
All is you, you are all.
You are everything all at once.
You are creating it all so you can experience it all.
The human domain is only one sprout of perception amidst a towering garden of wild frequencies waiting to be had.

They are all yours.
This is your light show.
It is your light giving life to all, as all.
Tag, you’re it.


2 thoughts on “The Ascending Ladder of Bliss

  1. Thanks for this blog, Matt. These days, my thoughts and meditations are about what it means to be free, and here this was from you for me to read this morning. I love synchronicities like this. I had an epiphany yesterday that there are many opposites to being free. Coming from a dualistic existence such as we do, where we know something well by also understanding its opposite, I wasn’t sure what “not free” was exactly, though I am sure I can feel it. Anyway, what I came up with is that, unlike many clearly defined things, such a black and white, up and down, etc., there are multiple opposites to free. In exploring where at least one of my opposite sits, I found “right” to be on the other side of it. In other words, as long as I want to be right, I won’t be free. How I found this in myself was by listening to my internal narrative. I listened to the stories that I tell myself that lock me into a paradigm. It could be anything, but in my case it was family-related, and I could hear myself tell stories of “yeah, but I’m right on this,” implying someone else is wrong. Thankfully, I stopped long enough to ask, why is it so important to be on the side of right? That’s where my exploration went. Why does it matter to be right? It went kind of deep, but I saw in one glimmer of an instant that I was sacrificing being free. I could be right, or I could be free, but I won’t be both. So, I share this comment to your blog if simply to tell you thanks for posting your wonderfully expanded conversations. I appreciate it!

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    1. wow, thank you so much for your kind and keenly wise comment! I really love what you said, and am going to take on this inquiry / investigation myself around being set free from being right! I”m deeply moved and grateful for you


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