Relax, it’s just your imagination.

“Did I create that sky? Yes, for, if it was anything other than a concept in my mind, I wouldn’t have said ‘sky’. ” – Jack Kerouac

Oh hi again! Not sure who reads these posts or not, but I am sure I’m just talking to myself/yourself “out loud” as it were, and I do this only as a reminder of what I can clearly discern as to some kind of truth to this strange and wondrous occurrence called life.

Everything is made up / invented. It’s all a bunch of divine glorious nonsense. The invention of language words and symbols or making sense and meaning is in pure essence, just sounds or simply gibberish, or what I call “advanced baby talk.” These sounds made to form words imbued with specific meaning when endlessly repeated over and over like we do is the basis of hypnosis. Another way of saying this is, that we are in a trance-like state, a deep state of hypnosis, or simply, a dream occurring.

Whatever happens or is experienced, takes place in what we refer to as the imagination, as thoughts or imaginings. If you don’t believe this, your disbelief is only a thought, as likewise, my belief is only a thought. Everything is experienced as thoughts. It all boils down to whatever you declare, to then act or pretend like whatever you declare, to already be so. A quick example of this is, you’ve been taught to believe you are something called a human being, and you pretend / act out this declaration with which you have been programmed to believe in, to be so. How do you know you’re a human being? Because you’ve been told you are. God only knows when this declaration first happened but that’s the situation at hand here.

It’s hard to imagine that all of life / the physical universe is taking place as thoughts in your / the imagination, and that the sight and the seer are one, however, this is the undeniable indisputable truth. Remember, whatever it is you may come up with to try and refute this, is yet another thought.

It seems you have two choices: You can attach yourself to your specific imaginings, or you can be simply the entire imagination. One’s natural born state of pure awareness omnipresence can be likened to that of a movie screen or your desktop screen on your computer. You are the screen or pure consciousness itself, and whatever is being projected on you, or whatever “lives” on your desktop, such as programs apps, etc, are only mere facets of you. It is through the transcendence of one’s conditioned state, that one can willingly choose to identify solely as a human being, a multidimensional being or beings, including all perceived and non-percievalbe forms and entities, or finally as the all-pervading ever-present seeing knowing being unnamable unlimited force itself, giving rise to all phenomenal manifestations.

In this very instant, again, whatever is witnessed as transpiring, happens as what we refer to as thoughts. Whatever it is, that typed these words, and whatever it is reading these words, seems to experience what we call a “reality.” The only time we don’t attach to this ‘reality’ has been observed in what we call “deep sleep” or when one has no ability to remember, when in an ultimate relaxed state of mind.

To directly experience this Omnipresent everything everywhere all at once state of mind, just declare it to be so and have your own experience of that. Albeit, it is mighty bold such a declaration, but then again, so are you.

You can choose to reside solely as a separate and distinct expression of your imagination or be that which is causing all expression, and finally, you can choose not knowing or that which is beyond words and cause itself. This of course all exits in the now / this instant. You are the cosmic prompter, dictating reality and non-reality.

We are fully realized enough to know that any story/theory/ conjecture/ hearsay/ concepts as to why and how there is such a thing as a physical universe, with an incomprehensibly small by comparison physical you on an equally infinitesimally small by comparison planet thing hurling itself around in an infinite field of space. is so utterly fantastic and shockingly outrageous ( read: implausible and impossible ) that the only conceivable possibility is, that you are simply in a dream/imaging it all.

It really all comes to good and better news because, at the end of the proverbial day, we / you are free to invent new stories or versions of ourselves, and when we have enough of that, we can kick back in Omnipresence for a while until we get bored with that haha.

In this aged old game of youGod playing hide and seek with yourself, and by gauging at the lunacy happening in the world resulting from serious attachment to this matrix of mind caused by deeply ingrained and trained forgetfulness of ones truest nature/state of being, I believe we are collectively seeing and saying this hide and seek game was cute, but over ; )

It’s time to pull back our own curtain, to reveal the real Oz which it turns out we actually are.


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