It’s all made up

The moral of the story is, that’s all there is. Stories, thoughts, theories, opinions, hearsay, conjecture, concepts ideas. Even such things as love, pure awareness consciousness, silence, emptiness, and fullness. All are first flashes… worldless something or others which we refer to as intuitions, emotions, and feelings, or images, inklings, ideas, then spoken into an “existence” or a reality through memorized and mesmerized attachment and usage of words images, and perfunctory behavior, or simply, deeply ingrained habitual patterns of thinking. Though unconscious for many due to a severely conditioned mindset, This is all done by choice on some level of your beingness, believe it or not. Whatever you identify or disidentify with, is/ becomes.

There is of course, no good or bad to this unless you want there to be, and, it’s also entirely up to you as to a “why” in the matter. What is beyond explanation.. beyond these words thoughts emotions images and explanations?

For myself, after lifetimes of what I call “mind -fracking” / mining for what I consider some kind of irrefutable undeniable truth to whatever you want to call this strange and wondrous occurrence called life, there seems to be simply, the speakable and the unspeakable. Imagining and not imagining. What does not imagining look like you may or may not be asking?

I don’t know. There it is. There is knowing and not knowing. Whatever is known, is/was again, first imagined/ being imagined or again, what we call “the imagination,” then put into memory/habit/ practice. How else could it be? Whatever you come up with will always be a thought. Declare it or not.

What I’ve found in my endless hours, nay lifetimes of truth garnering is that the key if there is one to living, is to just keep remembering this :


The force that beats your heart and turns the earth and grows the grass and moves the air, is your actual native identity. Your personhood and world are only tiny figments and fragments of your colossal unlimited imagination.

In this instant (which is all there is,) any thought/feeling/program of lack and scarcity are removed forever from our still pristine and infinitely intelligent consciousness. We are at once, fully restored, as if nothing has ever existed except this moment.

In this very instant, we are still Source itself. If you haven’t yet, why not make up your mind about this? It’s all made up anyways, and if this doesn’t resonate with you, find out yourself if you haven’t already. Don’t take my word for it.

Our very nature and core function of being are in this moment, still absolute pure potentiality and possibility.

In this NOW, any trace of limiting ideas are instantly replaced / re-membered with clear and crackling miraculous life force energy itself. You are at once able to banish any thought suggesting you are otherwise in any way.

In this right here right now, this eternal instant is beyond words and thoughts unfathomably supercharged with fresh and even exorbitantly abundant spontaneous aliveness.

All we have to do is RE-MIND ourselves, this is actually and exactly who and what we are. All can safely be said to be created spontaneously live and on the spot. You/we are the cosmological and ontological prompter/initiator.

At the end of the proverbial day, we are still whole and complete and already safely tucked away in “heaven” …or, the invincible pastures of our imagination.

You are reborn in every moment of your divine remembrance of what you may as well declare you are… FULLY FREE AND SUBLIMELY ALIVE BEYOND COMPREHENSION. Nothing and everything exists and doesn’t exist all at once. The real and the unreal, and all points in between, all expanding or contracting, being or not being, according to you.

So, what are you in accordance with right now?


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