The art of not imagining.

to be or just be.

If you haven’t yet realized this, imagine (pretend) for a moment that all that seems to be happening is, right here right now, you are literally imagining simply, what we can call an “objective reality” or you are spontaneously inventing a perspective called “subject/object.”

If you surrender all concepts, including you, what’s left is the indescribable. When concepts are applied, such as imagination, separation i / other / world/universe, seem to appear.

In this very moment, ask yourself, “why am I inventing separation? Why am I inventing anything, most notably, the invention of “I”?” Deep within, only you can know this, however, whatever it is writing these words.. this voice, and that which is aware of this voice, is putting forth one possibility.

In this moment of precise and unencumbered clarity, it would seem (at least to me) that You ( imagination / the great inventor ) are doing this to play or experiment with yourself / your powers.

Even if you have so far, forgotten you are live on the spot only imagining all, again for the sake of this inquiry, pretend you are right here right now live on the spot inventing this dimension of separation, and with that, an entire Universe and universes not yet fully envisioned. Inherent in the act of language, comes difficulty with the exact meaning of words, however, when i say “you,” I mean an awareness of being or aliveness, and the ability to imagine.

Imagine =’s imaging or the act of images/constructs, ideas, narration.

Why imagine? Because you can.

You are here right now, imagining all, to experiment with and play with your own power. You are so powerful, that you are even intending to completely forget that you are only imagining all, to experience what Abraham-HIcks refers to as “contrast, ” and or, you are even experimenting with suffering from your very own imaginings, again, just because you can and want to experience all that you are capable of experiencing. Why else would you be doing this?

Here is where the caveat enters. Be honest with yourself. For whatever reason you are imagining/pretending subject / object / i / other / world / universe, are you still having any fun doing this, or are you stuck in imagination-only mode? Ultimately as I see it, the only real reason to do anything is for thrills chills excitement, and or overall for the fun of it all.

Now that you know ( and if you still don’t agree or believe, for the sake of this inquiry, pretend / imagine you are inventing it all here and now with concepts words and images,) are you still enjoying this, or has it become simply a habit with which you are unconscious / unaware you’re in keeping with?

Make no mistake : In this very instant, deeply entrenched within concepts only of time and space, any attachment to what is being imagined, is still entirely up to you, unless you are unable to realize this because you are so very deep within your very own state of hypnosis.

You may want to ask yourself if holding this state of separation within your mind, and even holding / attaching yourself to something called “mind” is still interesting, or if you are doing this because you’ve deeply programmed /condtioned yourself such that it is now an automatic response and reaction?

When you are at last, able to get right down to the bottom of things, you might come to find that this act of imaging has become involuntary and that it is only you volunteering it, as it, in the first place.

What i discover over and over, is that when i remind myself that it is none other than I doing all this to myself, and that I still get to choose as to whether or not i care to envision and imagine a universe and myself as a human being only, I am still free as the proverbial fuck.

Right here, right now, I remind myself that i’m so free in fact, that it is I who is inventing / imagining it all, and furthermore, whatever it is i’m imagining, is only as long as the thought behind it. Another way of saying this is, whatever i’m imagining, is temporary and changes (just as your thoughts do) and that Who i really am still is the creator of thoughts and the imagination itself.

Lastly, without imagininng separation / subject / object, I am free from the interesting, but nevertheless, constraining nature of bondage/attachment to the imagination at all.

Free from fear, angst, suffering, duality, concepts and even this. Free to be free, still.

In other words, it’s up to you, if you still find necessary, any kind of sweating of the small stuff, the small self, or any of your temporary imaginings. It’s just you playing around with yourself because you can, and now that you know you can, you can even stop playing and experimenting with yourself and just be the indescribable.

Mmmm. Doesn’t that feel nice?

This inquiry has been brought to you by you.


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