The art of not imagining.

to be or just be.

If you haven’t yet realized this, imagine (pretend) for a moment that all that seems to be happening is, right here right now, you are literally imagining simply, what we can call an “objective reality” or you are spontaneously inventing a perspective called “subject/object.”

If you surrender all concepts, including you, what’s left is the indescribable. When concepts are applied, such as imagination, separation i / other / world/universe, seem to appear.

In this very moment, ask yourself, “why am I inventing separation? Why am I inventing anything, most notably, the invention of “I”?” Deep within, only you can know this, however, whatever it is writing these words.. this voice, and that which is aware of this voice, is putting forth one possibility.

In this moment of precise and unencumbered clarity, it would seem (at least to me) that You ( imagination / the great inventor ) are doing this to play or experiment with yourself / your powers.

Even if you have so far, forgotten you are live on the spot only imagining all, again for the sake of this inquiry, pretend you are right here right now live on the spot inventing this dimension of separation, and with that, an entire Universe and universes not yet fully envisioned. Inherent in the act of language, comes difficulty with the exact meaning of words, however, when i say “you,” I mean an awareness of being or aliveness, and the ability to imagine.

Imagine =’s imaging or the act of images/constructs, ideas, narration.

Why imagine? Because you can.

You are here right now, imagining all, to experiment with and play with your own power. You are so powerful, that you are even intending to completely forget that you are only imagining all, to experience what Abraham-HIcks refers to as “contrast, ” and or, you are even experimenting with suffering from your very own imaginings, again, just because you can and want to experience all that you are capable of experiencing. Why else would you be doing this?

Here is where the caveat enters. Be honest with yourself. For whatever reason you are imagining/pretending subject / object / i / other / world / universe, are you still having any fun doing this, or are you stuck in imagination-only mode? Ultimately as I see it, the only real reason to do anything is for thrills chills excitement, and or overall for the fun of it all.

Now that you know ( and if you still don’t agree or believe, for the sake of this inquiry, pretend / imagine you are inventing it all here and now with concepts words and images,) are you still enjoying this, or has it become simply a habit with which you are unconscious / unaware you’re in keeping with?

Make no mistake : In this very instant, deeply entrenched within concepts only of time and space, any attachment to what is being imagined, is still entirely up to you, unless you are unable to realize this because you are so very deep within your very own state of hypnosis.

You may want to ask yourself if holding this state of separation within your mind, and even holding / attaching yourself to something called “mind” is still interesting, or if you are doing this because you’ve deeply programmed /condtioned yourself such that it is now an automatic response and reaction?

When you are at last, able to get right down to the bottom of things, you might come to find that this act of imaging has become involuntary and that it is only you volunteering it, as it, in the first place.

What i discover over and over, is that when i remind myself that it is none other than I doing all this to myself, and that I still get to choose as to whether or not i care to envision and imagine a universe and myself as a human being only, I am still free as the proverbial fuck.

Right here, right now, I remind myself that i’m so free in fact, that it is I who is inventing / imagining it all, and furthermore, whatever it is i’m imagining, is only as long as the thought behind it. Another way of saying this is, whatever i’m imagining, is temporary and changes (just as your thoughts do) and that Who i really am still is the creator of thoughts and the imagination itself.

Lastly, without imagininng separation / subject / object, I am free from the interesting, but nevertheless, constraining nature of bondage/attachment to the imagination at all.

Free from fear, angst, suffering, duality, concepts and even this. Free to be free, still.

In other words, it’s up to you, if you still find necessary, any kind of sweating of the small stuff, the small self, or any of your temporary imaginings. It’s just you playing around with yourself because you can, and now that you know you can, you can even stop playing and experimenting with yourself and just be the indescribable.

Mmmm. Doesn’t that feel nice?

This inquiry has been brought to you by you.


It’s all made up

The moral of the story is, that’s all there is. Stories, thoughts, theories, opinions, hearsay, conjecture, concepts ideas. Even such things as love, pure awareness consciousness, silence, emptiness, and fullness. All are first flashes… worldless something or others which we refer to as intuitions, emotions, and feelings, or images, inklings, ideas, then spoken into an “existence” or a reality through memorized and mesmerized attachment and usage of words images, and perfunctory behavior, or simply, deeply ingrained habitual patterns of thinking. Though unconscious for many due to a severely conditioned mindset, This is all done by choice on some level of your beingness, believe it or not. Whatever you identify or disidentify with, is/ becomes.

There is of course, no good or bad to this unless you want there to be, and, it’s also entirely up to you as to a “why” in the matter. What is beyond explanation.. beyond these words thoughts emotions images and explanations?

For myself, after lifetimes of what I call “mind -fracking” / mining for what I consider some kind of irrefutable undeniable truth to whatever you want to call this strange and wondrous occurrence called life, there seems to be simply, the speakable and the unspeakable. Imagining and not imagining. What does not imagining look like you may or may not be asking?

I don’t know. There it is. There is knowing and not knowing. Whatever is known, is/was again, first imagined/ being imagined or again, what we call “the imagination,” then put into memory/habit/ practice. How else could it be? Whatever you come up with will always be a thought. Declare it or not.

What I’ve found in my endless hours, nay lifetimes of truth garnering is that the key if there is one to living, is to just keep remembering this :


The force that beats your heart and turns the earth and grows the grass and moves the air, is your actual native identity. Your personhood and world are only tiny figments and fragments of your colossal unlimited imagination.

In this instant (which is all there is,) any thought/feeling/program of lack and scarcity are removed forever from our still pristine and infinitely intelligent consciousness. We are at once, fully restored, as if nothing has ever existed except this moment.

In this very instant, we are still Source itself. If you haven’t yet, why not make up your mind about this? It’s all made up anyways, and if this doesn’t resonate with you, find out yourself if you haven’t already. Don’t take my word for it.

Our very nature and core function of being are in this moment, still absolute pure potentiality and possibility.

In this NOW, any trace of limiting ideas are instantly replaced / re-membered with clear and crackling miraculous life force energy itself. You are at once able to banish any thought suggesting you are otherwise in any way.

In this right here right now, this eternal instant is beyond words and thoughts unfathomably supercharged with fresh and even exorbitantly abundant spontaneous aliveness.

All we have to do is RE-MIND ourselves, this is actually and exactly who and what we are. All can safely be said to be created spontaneously live and on the spot. You/we are the cosmological and ontological prompter/initiator.

At the end of the proverbial day, we are still whole and complete and already safely tucked away in “heaven” …or, the invincible pastures of our imagination.

You are reborn in every moment of your divine remembrance of what you may as well declare you are… FULLY FREE AND SUBLIMELY ALIVE BEYOND COMPREHENSION. Nothing and everything exists and doesn’t exist all at once. The real and the unreal, and all points in between, all expanding or contracting, being or not being, according to you.

So, what are you in accordance with right now?

The Eye of the Heart

 In Xanadu,
the teeming heart birth center of all,
you can use the sun solely as sanitizer,
in Oz,
located in the left and right hemispheres of heaven and mind,
where you live,
you don’t need to quarantine eternity..
where you are
you can
stop and feel that sweet spot sitting pretty,
still ,
like a blazing star fire emoji..
you can rest your weary head on the sky’s chest,
swim out far and wide into the
deep space waters,
rolling peace,
after wave..

chill like freckles on icebergs,

vanish into heartbeats,

let your head blow away
like a dandelion big bang..
hey there Starsailor,
put on your wig of illustrious white light,
let’s mingle in shivas freshly minted silence,
undress our DNA in cool pitch black..
you’re a chapter ripped from hawk skin,
still wet from mountain clouds,
and filled with molten surprise..

switch heads with the sun … mmmm…fun…
run with a thousand clown galaxies,
blast like owls eyes at night,
giggle like water…

have some

morning tea with Ishvara

an ant, and a tree .. play

hopscotch with the chancellors of reality.

clouded afternoon Samsara,

becomes an entangled angle,

realized, delicate,

air drowsy with dense slumbers,

illusion escapes from the blue eye,

rushing along a marshy calm

of stones and the azure,

into a slow drip of evening

melting as light of the moon.

Relax, it’s just your imagination.

“Did I create that sky? Yes, for, if it was anything other than a concept in my mind, I wouldn’t have said ‘sky’. ” – Jack Kerouac

Oh hi again! Not sure who reads these posts or not, but I am sure I’m just talking to myself/yourself “out loud” as it were, and I do this only as a reminder of what I can clearly discern as to some kind of truth to this strange and wondrous occurrence called life.

Everything is made up / invented. It’s all a bunch of divine glorious nonsense. The invention of language words and symbols or making sense and meaning is in pure essence, just sounds or simply gibberish, or what I call “advanced baby talk.” These sounds made to form words imbued with specific meaning when endlessly repeated over and over like we do is the basis of hypnosis. Another way of saying this is, that we are in a trance-like state, a deep state of hypnosis, or simply, a dream occurring.

Whatever happens or is experienced, takes place in what we refer to as the imagination, as thoughts or imaginings. If you don’t believe this, your disbelief is only a thought, as likewise, my belief is only a thought. Everything is experienced as thoughts. It all boils down to whatever you declare, to then act or pretend like whatever you declare, to already be so. A quick example of this is, you’ve been taught to believe you are something called a human being, and you pretend / act out this declaration with which you have been programmed to believe in, to be so. How do you know you’re a human being? Because you’ve been told you are. God only knows when this declaration first happened but that’s the situation at hand here.

It’s hard to imagine that all of life / the physical universe is taking place as thoughts in your / the imagination, and that the sight and the seer are one, however, this is the undeniable indisputable truth. Remember, whatever it is you may come up with to try and refute this, is yet another thought.

It seems you have two choices: You can attach yourself to your specific imaginings, or you can be simply the entire imagination. One’s natural born state of pure awareness omnipresence can be likened to that of a movie screen or your desktop screen on your computer. You are the screen or pure consciousness itself, and whatever is being projected on you, or whatever “lives” on your desktop, such as programs apps, etc, are only mere facets of you. It is through the transcendence of one’s conditioned state, that one can willingly choose to identify solely as a human being, a multidimensional being or beings, including all perceived and non-percievalbe forms and entities, or finally as the all-pervading ever-present seeing knowing being unnamable unlimited force itself, giving rise to all phenomenal manifestations.

In this very instant, again, whatever is witnessed as transpiring, happens as what we refer to as thoughts. Whatever it is, that typed these words, and whatever it is reading these words, seems to experience what we call a “reality.” The only time we don’t attach to this ‘reality’ has been observed in what we call “deep sleep” or when one has no ability to remember, when in an ultimate relaxed state of mind.

To directly experience this Omnipresent everything everywhere all at once state of mind, just declare it to be so and have your own experience of that. Albeit, it is mighty bold such a declaration, but then again, so are you.

You can choose to reside solely as a separate and distinct expression of your imagination or be that which is causing all expression, and finally, you can choose not knowing or that which is beyond words and cause itself. This of course all exits in the now / this instant. You are the cosmic prompter, dictating reality and non-reality.

We are fully realized enough to know that any story/theory/ conjecture/ hearsay/ concepts as to why and how there is such a thing as a physical universe, with an incomprehensibly small by comparison physical you on an equally infinitesimally small by comparison planet thing hurling itself around in an infinite field of space. is so utterly fantastic and shockingly outrageous ( read: implausible and impossible ) that the only conceivable possibility is, that you are simply in a dream/imaging it all.

It really all comes to good and better news because, at the end of the proverbial day, we / you are free to invent new stories or versions of ourselves, and when we have enough of that, we can kick back in Omnipresence for a while until we get bored with that haha.

In this aged old game of youGod playing hide and seek with yourself, and by gauging at the lunacy happening in the world resulting from serious attachment to this matrix of mind caused by deeply ingrained and trained forgetfulness of ones truest nature/state of being, I believe we are collectively seeing and saying this hide and seek game was cute, but over ; )

It’s time to pull back our own curtain, to reveal the real Oz which it turns out we actually are.

Brahma Jnanavali Mala

Brahma Jnanavali Mala

In this work attributed to Sri Sankara, the characteristics of the person who has realized that he is Brahman (God) are described. The aspirant for liberation is advised to meditate on these in order to attain to the same state.

1. The work entitled Brahma Jnanavali Mala, by which hearing just once, the knowledge of Brahman is attained, enables all to attain liberation.

2. Unattached am I, unattached am I, ever free from attachment of any kind; I am of the nature of Existence-Consciousness-Bliss (SATCHITANANDA)  I am the very Self, indestructible, and ever unchanging.

3. I am eternal, I am pure, free from the control of Maya (ILLUSIONS)… I am ever liberated. I am formless, indestructible, and changeless. I am of the nature of infinite bliss. I am the very Self, indestructible and changeless.

4. I am eternal, I am free from blemish, I am formless, I am indestructible and changeless. I am of the nature of supreme bliss. I am the very Self, indestructible and changeless.

5. I am pure consciousness, I revel in my own Self. I am of the nature of indivisible (concentrated) bliss. I am the very Self, indestructible and changeless.

6. I am the indwelling consciousness, I am calm (free from all agitation), I am beyond prakrti (maya), I am of the nature of eternal bliss, I am the very Self, indestructible and changeless.

7. I am the supreme Self, beyond all the categories such as prakrti (maya) mahat (intellect) ahankara, (ego.)

I am the supreme auspicious One, beyond all those in the middle. I am beyond maya. I am the supreme light. I am the very Self, indestructible and changeless.

8. I am beyond all the different forms. I am of the nature of pure consciousness. I am never subject to decline. I am of the nature of bliss. I am the very Self, indestructible and changeless.

9. There is neither Maya nor its effects such as the body for me. I am of the same nature and self-luminous. I am the very Self, indestructible and changeless.

10. I am beyond the three Gunas, sattva ( harmony) rajas (passion ), and tamas (ignorance.) I am the witness of even Brahma and others. I am of the nature of infinite bliss. I am the very Self, indestructible and changeless.

11. I am the inner controller, I am immutable, I am all-pervading. I am myself the supreme Self. I am the very Self, indestructible and changeless.

12. I am devoid of parts. I am actionless. I am the self of all. I am the primordial one. I am the ancient, eternal one. I am the directly intuited self. I am the very Self, indestructible and changeless.

13. I am the witness of all pairs of opposites. I am immovable. I am eternal. I am the witness of everything. I am the very Self, indestructible and changeless.

14. I am a mass of awareness and of consciousness. I am not a doer nor an experiencer. I am the very Self, indestructible and changeless.

15. I am without any support, and I am the support of all. I have no desires to be fulfilled. I am the very Self, indestructible and changeless.

16. I am free from the three kinds of afflictions- those in the body, those from other beings, and those caused by higher powers. I am different from the gross, subtle, and causal bodies. I am the witness of the three states of waking, dream, and deep sleep. I am the very Self, indestructible and changeless.

17. There are two things which are different from each other. They are the seer and the seen. The seer is Brahman and the seen is maya. This is what all Vedanta proclaims.

18. He who realizes after repeated contemplation that he is a mere witness, he alone is liberated. He is the enlightened one. This is proclaimed by Vedanta.

19. The pot, wall, etc., are all nothing but clay. Likewise, the entire universe is nothing but Brahman. This is proclaimed by Vedanta.

20. Brahman is real, the universe is mithya (it cannot be categorized as either real or unreal) The jiva (you) is Brahman itself and not different. This should be understood as the correct Sastra (instructions.) This is proclaimed by Vedanta.

21. I am the auspicious one, the inner light, and the outer light, the indwelling light, higher than the highest, the light of all lights, self-luminous, the light that is the Self.

The Ascending Ladder of Bliss

The words you will now read, are coming from a 5D cocoon within you, spewing an intergalactic language, sequencing in an out of pattern time intervals..

The weight of the entire universe rests upon the lips of invisible flowers,

The human brain is a box of light with levers and receivers.

The lights have suddenly all turned on now.
The smoke and mirrors of the dream have cleared..

It blinks simultaneously as your blink.
It sees what you see, without yours eyes…
Before visibility.

The room is flooded with light now.

Space is now replaced with a warm glowing sensation.

Your life as you know it starts to feel a tremendous comedic relief.

To think, you once sincerely literally believed you were only something calling itself a human being living on some fantasy island in this immeasurable insurmountable unfathomable explosive light parade. You’ve tricked yourself once again you little trickster!

Stop where you are right now..
take off your serious gowns and pedigrees ..

Your mind / body is only a habit. They exist solely as memories brought to life over and over through endless unconscious repetition.
Are you having fun doing this or have you just forgotten you’re making this all up, and can’t remember how to be adjust or alleviate these patterns?
Do you cling to this human dimension of mind, or is it a choice which you willingly chose?
How often do you frequent other dimensions? Are you even aware that you can create a multitude of dimensions?

YOU ARE FREE. – Abraham-Hicks

Your crown, is now fully lit.
The Universe is a delicious and delightful assortment of cosmic fruit.
Can you now taste its skin?

All the galaxies laugh as you laugh.

The walls holding this flood of light hold no longer.
You are the eternally flowing blossom,
The flowering mandala.  

The whole shebang, all at once.
All is you, you are all.
You are everything all at once.
You are creating it all so you can experience it all.
The human domain is only one sprout of perception amidst a towering garden of wild frequencies waiting to be had.

They are all yours.
This is your light show.
It is your light giving life to all, as all.
Tag, you’re it.

We Be The Bang

Picture this : it’s now o’ clock, and you’ve fully awakened into that which is beyond words. What you feel is instantaneous absolute expansiveness.

This feeling of complete and total expansiveness is so strong, that any sense of being a separate entity is consumed by fresh magnificent radiant light/energy/consciousness.

Not that the ego and conditioned mind is in any way bad or wrong…after all, it’s our invention to experiment with and experience what it might be like to solely inhabit a make-shift reality. I believe we are at the tipping point in the collective consciousness whereby we can no longer obfuscate or run away from the indisputable truth as to the mystery of our existence, and our uncanny ability to both imagine and consequently become unflinchingly attached to and trapped by our very own imaginings.

Human beings are in Cosmic Kindergarten, and, the dimension of living solely within the confines of subject and object is child play. The only thing holding you back from being the whole shebang is this antiquated notion of a separate you.

All that is literally happening in this very moment, is that you’ve attached yourself to a moving image, or imagining. The Universe / All is mental. Consciousness or Beingness can be likened to a vast ocean full of waves in motion. The fundamental core of You, is the ocean, or the Source of fluid imagination, while the on and off, coming and going, rising and crashing waves or thoughts are merely a tiny facet of you. Consequently, due to our conditioning, we’ve been trained for what seems like forever now, to solely identify only as a wave or bundle of waves or thoughts, when rational deducement alone will tell you that your truest and most real nature is beyond that which comes and goes, appears and disappears. When one becomes able enough to suspend or drop all thoughts and thinking, this becomes abundantly clear. All that is happening right now is that, out of habit only, you are choosing to attach or associate You, the Source of all, or the unlimited imagination with only one of its endless imaginings.

It is truly as if we are collectively waking up from a dream or a trance or a deep state of self-hypnosis. We are realizing that not only are we meaning making machines, but by the awareness of awareness alone, are collectively seeing how remedial we’ve been with the usage of our vast and incalculable intelligence, by desperately clinging to that which is transitory and fleeting, or simply illusory.

We are awake aware and realized enough now to fully understand we are the stuff of dreams and miracles, or one and the same. You are the gatekeeper and holder, and your truest state of being or consciousness is no gates at all. Our very nature is that of nature itself ; fluid, abundant, unfettered, and present.

We be the bang, and that which makes it sound.

We be the silence, and that which suspends its ground.

We be the peace and we be the love,

we be all the below and all the above,

and one thing stands true, whether old or new,

the only thing that seems to be occurring is some idea of a separate you.

Freedom is implicitly knowing there is freedom from living as a conditioned mindset.

Freedom is all, all is freedom.

I.I.N Infinite Intelligence Now

what? your little human self goin wah wah wah?

I am the sky ,

that is I

and so be you..

this silly little dream is evaporated steam,

there’s nowhere to go and nowhere to hide,

there’s no out there or inside,

take these words off ..

be naked and free to not be you or me,

or this or that,

just the Divine Hum of

SAT ( existence )

and CHIT ( Consciousness)

ANANDA (Bliss)

One instant is an eternity ;

Eternity is the now.

When you see through this one instant,

You see through the one who sees.

Jump back into Infinite Intelligence…

Immerse yourself in the FESTIVE SPA ..











Your mortal dream life as you know it, is but a tiny pinprick.

It is the tiniest sensation imaginable in fact.

In truth, literally right here right now, the only thing holding us back, is this tiny little idea we’ve been deeply imprinted with for eons, telling us we are separated human being things. Meanwhile, floating this quaint little tale, is a bottomless eternal well of unspeakable greatness and force, and that is our inalienable truest nature and or state of being. Unlimited, and free.

Right now, you are Raw God









The Fun Assumption

In the beginning it was fun. In the end, it was all for fun. And in between is where it tickles most.” – the Oaqui

“Making sense is highly overrated and fast becoming obsolete” – Matt Cornwall

Suppose you supposed that the only reason birds sing was the sheer fun of singing, of having songs and the ability to give them voice, or the fun of discovering themselves suddenly landing on a moving branch in a swaying tree in perfect balance. Or the fun of knowing that whenever the wind or whim took them, they could take off, and fly.

Suppose you supposed that the only reason you laugh is because it’s fun to laugh. Not because of the endorphins or the health benefits. But only because of the fun. Only because it’s more fun than you can contain.

Suppose the same about squirrels scampering around and inside of trees, or bees buzzing or flowers flowering.

Then every bird you hear, every squirrel or bee or flower you saw would be an invitation to have fun, too. To share the fun. To celebrate the fun.

Suppose we just assume that it’s all for fun, all about fun.

Scientifically, the fun assumption could be shown for what it is. But assuming the birds sing to claim territory? What makes that assumption any more relevant or insightful or useful than the fun assumption? Assuming the squirrels are fighting over potential mates, the bees struggling to be first to sip the nectar, the flower’s only purpose propagation? What makes those assumptions any more valid than the fun one?

Why not, really, why not fun?

– Blue DeKoven

A MUSE ment

“Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the Gods made for fun.” – Alan Watts

Muse =’s inspiration, stimulus, blissful freedom.

Amusement =’s merriment, delight and laughter, or abiding in the muse.

More good news!

It turns out that more and more of us by the minute are realizing and recognizing that We are the Gods behind the making of fun.

Collectively around the planet, millions of people are waking up to the fact that our greatest power lies in our unexplainable and mysterious ability to both invent and re-invent meaning and or simply, bring fully to life, new ways of thinking and using our unlimited imaginations. Never before have we possessed such a heightened over capacitation for acquired knowledge, and never before have we been in such clear and dire need to transcend our conditioned or limited usage of thinking and imagining. What is being asked out of necessity from us is to fully expand our notions of what is possible and irreversibly recognize our miraculous innate ability to freely reinterpret and re-imagine life itself. 

Why Are We Here Again??

I believe we are all here now to not just merely witness the changing of the guards in regard to old world-weary systems but to refresh enliven and reimagine how we can all live together in our natural state of unbiased awe and wonder by reconnecting to the muse and allowing for A MUSE MENT.

What is the purpose of life if not to fully experience the vast incalculable enigma by staying present / in tune with the pure ecstatic bliss spark currently igniting all experience itself?

Every living thing is born free to experience the uncontainable explosive power of Omnipresence. One’s Universal / Cosmic birthright is for the carte blanche flow of infinite possibility/potential or simply, wild ecstatic bliss joy.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

You and you alone have the unexplainable power to invent something called “realities” and you do so by choosing simply, a perspective.

Collectively at this very moment, the ego experiment we’ve all been conditioned and saddled up with for what seems like forever can no longer contain the encroaching tidal wave of fresh enlightened and invigorated consciousness being rapidly birthed.

At last, we have collectively arrived out of the Age of Information, and into the Age of Omnipresent Awareness..

from the Ordinary Mind to the Extraordinary Mind..

from limited self to Unlimited self..

from perfunctory reactionary misery to allowing the spark of the Omnipresent Muse within,

to re-ignite re-invent re-imagine realize and re-cognize our a MUSE ment.