The Fun Assumption

In the beginning it was fun. In the end, it was all for fun. And in between is where it tickles most.” – the Oaqui

“Making sense is highly overrated and fast becoming obsolete” – Matt Cornwall

Suppose you supposed that the only reason birds sing was the sheer fun of singing, of having songs and the ability to give them voice, or the fun of discovering themselves suddenly landing on a moving branch in a swaying tree in perfect balance. Or the fun of knowing that whenever the wind or whim took them, they could take off, and fly.

Suppose you supposed that the only reason you laugh is because it’s fun to laugh. Not because of the endorphins or the health benefits. But only because of the fun. Only because it’s more fun than you can contain.

Suppose the same about squirrels scampering around and inside of trees, or bees buzzing or flowers flowering.

Then every bird you hear, every squirrel or bee or flower you saw would be an invitation to have fun, too. To share the fun. To celebrate the fun.

Suppose we just assume that it’s all for fun, all about fun.

Scientifically, the fun assumption could be shown for what it is. But assuming the birds sing to claim territory? What makes that assumption any more relevant or insightful or useful than the fun assumption? Assuming the squirrels are fighting over potential mates, the bees struggling to be first to sip the nectar, the flower’s only purpose propagation? What makes those assumptions any more valid than the fun one?

Why not, really, why not fun?

– Blue DeKoven

A MUSE ment

“Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the Gods made for fun.” – Alan Watts

Muse =’s inspiration, stimulus, blissful freedom.

Amusement =’s merriment, delight and laughter, or abiding in the muse.

More good news!

It turns out that more and more of us by the minute are realizing and recognizing that We are the Gods behind the making of fun.

Collectively around the planet, millions of people are waking up to the fact that our greatest power lies in our unexplainable and mysterious ability to both invent and re-invent meaning and or simply, bring fully to life, new ways of thinking and using our unlimited imaginations. Never before have we possessed such a heightened over capacitation for acquired knowledge, and never before have we been in such clear and dire need to transcend our conditioned or limited usage of thinking and imagining. What is being asked out of necessity from us is to fully expand our notions of what is possible and irreversibly recognize our miraculous innate ability to freely reinterpret and re-imagine life itself. 

Why Are We Here Again??

I believe we are all here now to not just merely witness the changing of the guards in regard to old world-weary systems but to refresh enliven and reimagine how we can all live together in our natural state of unbiased awe and wonder by reconnecting to the muse and allowing for A MUSE MENT.

What is the purpose of life if not to fully experience the vast incalculable enigma by staying present / in tune with the pure ecstatic bliss spark currently igniting all experience itself?

Every living thing is born free to experience the uncontainable explosive power of Omnipresence. One’s Universal / Cosmic birthright is for the carte blanche flow of infinite possibility/potential or simply, wild ecstatic bliss joy.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

You and you alone have the unexplainable power to invent something called “realities” and you do so by choosing simply, a perspective.

Collectively at this very moment, the ego experiment we’ve all been conditioned and saddled up with for what seems like forever can no longer contain the encroaching tidal wave of fresh enlightened and invigorated consciousness being rapidly birthed.

At last, we have collectively arrived out of the Age of Information, and into the Age of Omnipresent Awareness..

from the Ordinary Mind to the Extraordinary Mind..

from limited self to Unlimited self..

from perfunctory reactionary misery to allowing the spark of the Omnipresent Muse within,

to re-ignite re-invent re-imagine realize and re-cognize our a MUSE ment.

Did you know your body and mind are only a habit?

It’s true!

Take this pregnant space of silence between here



Where does everything go in that blank silent space? Similarly…

close your eyes ..

now … open them. Where did everything go with your eyes closed? Nothing there. When you open your eyes, something appears. Reality is literally as simple as that.

You the creator, are the seer, and whatever appears is an illusion.

ahhhh ..


This poem is genetically coded..
Each word of it is a superconductor for emitting absolute freedom, peace and ultimate power.
As you read it,
You will begin to notice a feeling of supernatural radiate bliss emanating beyond the words themselves.
These words have already completely unlocked any sense of limitation of being.
Please know every word you are reading acts just like HTML/ computer code,
And each word has formed the web address and permanent access to unlimited bliss power peace and freedom consciousness.

Use this poem anytime you forget your new permanent address of pure potential / possibility.
Just say the word bliss 3 times in your mind, and you will become it.

This code poem is eternally charged with energy.

Every word you have just read immediately dispels all habits, starting with the mind and body.
You are officially unleashed and untethered.

Come to your non-senses

“Hear the echoes and feel yourself starting to turn, don’t know why you should feel that there’s something to learn, it’s just a game that you play.” -Al Stewart, taken from the song “Time Passages.”

The mind makes for a wonderful servant but a terrible master and this jig is up.

If I’ve learned anything, it’s to stop learning and to just be raw experience itself, free of dogma and knowledge. I’m done with this cosmic kindergarten/entry-level reality of restricting my unfathomable imagination to only experience 5 senses and being sworn to duty to its dogma and self-appointed authority. I’m actually embarrassed that i’ve become so addicted to and obsessed with this constrained story within my immeasurable imagination about a separated and distinct human being thing on some beautiful but imperceptible and utterly implausible planet.

The good news is that you’re now aware enough to realize this. Without the concept of time, there is only now. All that is happening or ever happened is spontaneous, and all that is happening is that you are right here right now relegating yourself to this human being story or interpretation amongst an infinity’s worth. It’s just an experiment or act of what it would be like to capture and hold ourselves within some very specific narrative.

We are all at this moment, clearly very clever with narratives, and because we are powerful enough to suspend ourselves in one story alone, complete with the (dis)ability to forget we are literally only imagining / dreaming this, we can also right here right now let go of this experiment in limitations.

“You are so free, you choose bondage. You are free.” – Abraham-Hicks

Admit it. The 5 senses only game is played out. We’ve become slaves to our intellects. We invented a conditioned mindset to have it be our servant, but now it’s the other way around. This truly incomprehensible and beyond explainable story you’re inventing live right now has got the very best of you. Notice how inseparable you’ve become to this idea of a separate you. Also, take notice of any feelings you might be having that what you’re reading now is crazy talk and absurd. This voice thing that is always talking and calling itself you, is rapidly becoming aware of itself as the culprit behind this.

A congratulation is in order. We did it. We’ve thoroughly mastered this frequency /dimension of mind that is an objective reality and exhausted this quaint little ride in a body holding on tightly to its 5 senses only handlebars.

The moment is right here right now ready willing and able to allow for the unlimited you, by forgoing the well-worn senses for complete expansion into your non-senses.

How titillating and refreshing it is fully understanding that all of it is nonsense anyway.

It’s just we/you/I/us/them/it making up stuff. It was cute for a hot second, playing hide and go seek with yourself. but now it’s on to way bigger and funner games.

tag, you’re it! All of it. No longer just a mere version of it.

Cosmic Innocent Play

Just look at the sky.

Ask yourself, “What the fuck is that?!” If you don’t use the ‘fuck’ word, ask yourself, “what the heck is that?!”

You don’t know. Nobody does. There simply is no actual answer as to the origins of the universe. All we have are theories, stories, opinions, speculation, conjecture, concepts or ideas. It’s all made up, imagined, invented, and put into place as subsequent not -working -well- at-all models with which we base and operate our lives around.

Simply put, human beings habitually forget that they are creating all the meaning anything has, and habitually self-appoint one another with the power and authority to enforce systems of living based on whatever manufactured meaning with which they assemble.

If you’re a hyper-rational type like me, your immediate response to this is to call foul and try to negate the glaringly obvious truth, that we still remain inconclusively mysterious, and that all of our knowledge, including and especially the different ways in which we think, are invented by us. We are still ultimately unknowable, save for our uncanny ability to invent and project meaning.

One can even safely say that one’s entire life hinges on this fact. As processed programmed brainwashed and hyper-normalized, as we are and have become, underneath that rigid conditioned self, is actual reality.

When all is said and done, that’s all this is.. a bunch of words transacting a dream within your own imagination.

Why is there a planet, and why are you on it? How could that ever possibly be? Do you realize how crazy this is? Whatever you come up with, or have been deeply programmed and conditioned to believe in or not believe in, is so far-fetched, that concepts like “The Big Bang” or God can truly only be seen as what we call the miraculous. Another way of saying this is, we are making all this stuff up. These are only thoughts, and, you and I and us and them all “live” as complex imaginings in what can at best be described as a seemingly infinite supply of imaginings or descriptions.


Any serious attachment to this dream has been proven countless times to cause some form of suffering because none of this was meant to be taken seriously. How could you? Your very life is most assuredly some kind of cosmic joke because death is the punchline! What could be more funny and preposterous than the concepts of birth and death?

Imagine if everyone suddenly came to this realization. The thing speaks for itself. We are all clearly at the level now of being able to admit that our explanations / theories / concepts / ideas are only that, and, who we think we are is utterly absurd and or clearly insane, and that whatever happens is all just an experiment in the creative powers of the imagination.

It has become abundantly clear that if we able to create and attach to our very own meaning, then we are also capable of letting go entirely of this process. We are in fact, ready willing, and able to assert ourselves as nothing more than COSMIC INNOCENT PLAY.

We are still all entitled to remain mysterious and miraculous, without any attachment to it. No one and no thing can ever take that away from you.

Here be I ?

Here be “I”

The product of a thought

Everything i’ve been taught, just a bunch of plot,

I’m sailing along this dream like Christopher Cross,

I’m the boss,

My mind is old cracked painting of the old imagination,

Today and for now on,

Im the proud owner of a brand new universe,

And in this new universe,

I can make everything vanish with a laugh,

and make it all reappear again with a joke.

My body is a piece of super space gum,

I use all metaphors as a tissue mind you,

but let me just tell you that every word you have just read,

has built a ladder inside your mind


your mind has pushed you out of its window


into pure concentrated wildly ecstatic bliss.

Don’t move ..

You’re visibly invisible.

You’re welcome : )

The Universal Freedom of Mind Party



From indentured servitude and slavery to money, to government lockdowns, and or all-around complete dependency on governmental power and authority, it’s become wildly self-evident we have become prisoners and slaves to our own made-up self-invented systems for living together.


It’s so time. If you’re not there yet, allow me to expedite and cliff notes it for you: Every one of us is certifiably insane. We’ve all simply gone mad with our stringent adherence to our very own beliefs, concepts, stories, opinions, and opposites, such as good and bad, right and wrong. All made-up stuff, and all for the perseverance and preservation of this story in our minds about being some separate and distinct human being thing living on some seriously implausible and impossible planet located in some impossible truly unfathomable place.

The entire population of the world right now is asking for a break-out / get-out-of-jail-free card. You’ve just forgotten over and over how ridiculously bizarre this human dimension of mind is, and this preposterous projection of an objective reality experiment. The sky alone should be ample evidence enough to tell you that whatever we come up with, is utter nonsense, or rather, that making sense is just that; it is only this thing you’re calling a you, that has limited itself into having to configure raw data or unlimited consciousness/ energy into 5 measly portals that translates it into a static and distorted picture/framework or projection of a bound by choice only conditioned life or self.

RIGHT NOW, we’re all just hanging out in this conditioned mind chat room, bucking up against our conditioning, and collectively ready willing, and able to end this game of hide and seek with ourselves. Our Frankenstein which is our human intellect is tired and weary of its own monstrosity.

We’ve been cooped up and captivated in this tiny little corner of our conditioned imaginations for so long now, that not only can we not see the proverbial Forrest through the trees, but have forgotten that we are only inventing separation / a dimension of mind called subject and object and that what appears or is sensed as other, is inextricably only you/us/it simply imagining or creating such a thing. We’ve outsmarted ourselves to such a degree, that we habitually and systemically forget the inescapable truth that this is all just taking place in your /our imagination. There never has been nor will there ever be an “out there” out there. It is only you fooling yourself.

We’ve experimented long enough with empiricism and or being in the Cult of Proof. Our very origins are far too extraordinary to ever again, consider remaining ordinary.


Our old stories about ourselves no longer work and never really did because our fundamental nature of being, is far too great and vast for the mere spinning of, and becoming indentured slaves to, stories.

You are not now, nor have you ever been or will ever be limited to identifying solely as a physical body and or separated human being thing. This is only a game, and, without the concepts of time and space, it can safely be said to not exist at all. Rational discernment and deducement alone will tell you that whatever has happened or is happening, exists only as something we ourselves call thoughts. Whatever you come up with or have been deeply programmed and conditioned to believe in, are thoughts only. Whatever disbelief of this, or disproving of this, that comes up, is also just another thought.

There’s no way around this, or, if there is, it will only be yet another thought. Collectively we’ve become over fatigued and overwhelmed with obsessing on our very own limited ways of thinking.

Together, we are reaching the collective realization that any limitation is all self-imposed. Why? Because we can. We are so powerful in nature, that we can suspend ourselves in profoundly deep states of prolonged self-hypnosis. We are somehow able to hold ourselves captive to self-designated and generated parts of what we call our imaginations. We’ve become entranced and spellbound by our own musings. We’ve enclosed ourselves almost completely off in some hallucinatory fantasy land. Bullshit you say? Whatever you say is only a thought. Any disbelief is only a thought.

One need only dig even slightly beneath the surface to prove to oneself that the idea of a separated out-there physical universe is utterly fantastic. It is only an idea. It is crazy talk. How could that ever possibly be? How did all this exactly happen? Whatever it is, is only a thought. You’re just imagining this. If you don’t believe this, your disbelief is only a thought.

It’s clearly time to fully wake up and be fully free again. It’s time for us to give up our game playing with ourselves and reside in our unquestionably highest deepest and most powerful state of mind and beingness…that of simply remaining mysterious and miraculous, impervious to attachment or clinging to any one story alone.

We the people, are by natural law, entitled to remain free of everything.

Collectively, we are en masse choosing to call it quits with this experiment in mind conditioning and brainwashing, all for the sake of keeping this haggard experiment in the controlling of others, in addition to self-enforced slavery and unwavering abidance to limiting mindsets, and the exploitation of them.

Together, we have the power to fully realize it has been us and only us all along believing that we are merely ordinary, and that it is clearly evident that thinking or imagining alone, is an extraordinary feat, and that the origins of life remain inexplicably free and forever way beyond mere explanation.

We are reaching the end of living partially in our controlled imaginings, and through our very own imagined sufferings, are forcing ourselves to reside once and for all as the unidentifiable stuff of miracles.

The Universal Freedom of Mind Party can act as a new governmental-like body for organizing and overriding our self-imposed /created and designated separated country citizenship, with a newly united all peoples of the world under the jurisdiction of Universal Freedom Citizenship.

We, the entire population/people of the world, are fully awake and aware enough to see that all of our current strictly enforced systems in place such as monetary exchange for time and effort, and the over-bloated monolith that has become the almighty economy, is self evidently based in old worn out and outdated stories all centered around fear, competition, and lack.

Again, we are making up all the rules and laws, specifically based entirely on the survival of this questionably apparent human body, and its supposed requirements for sustainment. We’ve been stuck in this survival mode for so long and with such fervency in our beliefs and convictions, that, practically overnight, the human race has reached 8 billion in population, and Planet Earth is essentially becoming a giant food and non-essential material objects and products factory. The uncanny and ironic thing about this, is, that we are so fixated on this one interpretation alone, we fail to see over and over that our unwavering attachment to all of this is in vain, as apparently we all die, and or that whatever we manifest, is impermanent, temporal or transitory, and subject to constant change shift and flow.

This white-knuckled approach of hanging on for dear life to our self-imposed conditions is at an all-time endgame high.

Clearly, if we have the power to enact all these conditions, we also have the power to reinstate our cosmic carte blanche birthright of living as freely and unconditionally as nature itself. Together, we have the power to unite under one banner and take back our power of forgoing all self-imposed dysfunctional meaning, and end all suffering once and for all.

At the end of the proverbial day, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence to support the fact that we are without a doubt born free and that we should and could be able to live freely and however we choose to, including the relinquishment of having to protect and defend ourselves from any perceived harm or threat to one another.

What is clearly being asked of us, is to completely transcend our fear and with that, become impervious to pain itself. I believe it is even safe to say, that we have evolved enough to the point whereupon, without any formal rules and laws of conduct at all, or without any control whatsoever over one another, there would be no reason to fight or resort to violence. If nobody was forced to do anything, there would be no need for struggle or competition. We are now wise enough to know that the more we resist our inarguable nature of absolute freedom, the more we will be at odds with one another.

remember, all meaning is assigned or invented, by us. We in fact are our own inventions. We’ve given all the meaning there is to duality and or opposites,, again as an experiment in manifesting or projecting our imagination.

Now is the beginning of living freely all together, by transcending fear and control of one another and, by overcoming any more serious attachment to our illusions. We have way surpassed the tipping point in the futility of living in abject fear of death and unnecessary suffering and the controlling of one another, out of fear begat from our antiquated survival mode.

I’m utterly convinced that we have become so over-civilized and processed, that we could actually live freely and without rules. Our intellects are so massive, that it is entirely foreseeable that if we collectively allowed ourselves to live completely free and as we choose, without any control, things such as fear and violence or perceived harm would be of no consequence, or that we are evolved enough to know we are truly only hurting ourselves. We are still all quite capable of the same magic that no doubt has brought us all here together.

All of us are well deserved enough to be able to do or not do whatever we want and now evolved enough to see the more we try to control each other, and imprison ourselves with our stern and rigid beliefs, the more misery, and dysfunction we will create.



Operation : The Entire Universe / your Entire Imagination

That’s what you’re doing right now.
I would say all that’s happening is you are just imagining this, which is true , but the unexplainable feat of magic that is the act of imagining and furthermore living conditionally within ones imagination, is too remarkable and astounding to shrug off lightly.

This moment right now is beyond remarkable. It is beyond speech.

Light, air, space. Things of wonder.
Thoughts, matter, time. What is real and not a dream?
What is the exact ingredient to make a moment feel unconditionally extraordinarily alive?

It is fresh space.
Eager and waiting.

You are inventing an entire universe. It is all the contents of your vast imagination.
Imagine that the entire universe is like a ginormous mansion that you built.
However, what’s happened is that you have only been living in one room of the mansion..let’s say the den. You’ve become so preoccupied with this one room or story of the house that is You, that you’ve forgotten to inhabit the entire mansion!
Not that the den alone isn’t cozy and wonderful, but think of all the rooms filled with all kinds of different treasures and rich experiences waiting to be had.

You are designing an entire universe or activating the entirety of your unlimited imagination so that you may FREQUENT it.

It’s why it’s here.
In order for you to access this universal mansion, you’re gonna have to let go of all preconceived constructs, such as a personal identity. The only thing separating you from it, is by labeling it as different or separate from you.
Drop all labels and definitions.

A fresh new page of reality is being allowed.

You are projecting the entire universe/ your entire Imagination, but, are only experiencing a very small portion of it.

You temporarily got caught in a hall of mirrors, but now you are beginning to frequent higher and higher tones of bliss ..

Wherever you are right now, allow for complete expansion, releasing any preconceived ideas..just boundless loving vibration.
You are the heart of every galaxy..
These cosmic caves of space are the interior of your mansion that is the free-flowing unconditioned living imagination.
You are free to be this entire living experiment in consciousness we call the universe or the imagination.

You’ve experimented long enough with conditioned mind-level reality.

It’s time for absolute truth and freedom to prevail once again.
The entire universe is your kingdom.
You now inhabit all the galaxies, you are countless boundless space.
You are the supreme intelligence..
You are pure unquantifiable unlimited source waking up fully from a dream.
You are the Omnipotent One.
You are the source of it all. The force. The dreamer, not the dream.

You have the keys to the whole kingdom and full access to this universal playland.

The world / the ego is only a faint sensation. It’s becoming a distant tune.
This is why you are here now.
You’ve come to awaken from the mortal dream of life.
You are taking back your cosmic heritage of carte blanche Universal freedom of mind.

Can you feel the shift? Can you feel nature expanding beyond the limited labels which have been used to represent it?
We are here to allow ourselves to be free and loving by letting go and surrendering contrived living to pure awareness beingness. You are everything arisen and evolving into Universal Omnipresent Mind.

The earth dream is fine, but you deserve it all. All of it is yours.

Declare it to be so and so it is.

Your natural birthright is for full omnipotent power or force.
You are the wise energy behind it all.
Your human incarnation is only the very beginning.
Let nature take its course by turning it over to your absolute highest self.
Egoic or personal identity is fast becoming an idea whose time has come. We come to find over and over, the best identity that suits us best, is the Unnameable One.
Pure non conceptualized unhindered living imagination.
This is the collective shift happening now on the planet, and the Final Frontier.

The Numinous Room

The Numinous Room
Corporate sat-sang
The spiritual tune up
From the age of information to the age of Omnipresent Awareness
From the ordinary mind to the extraordinary mind
Pure awareness consciousness is neither false nor true, but a magnificent means of abiding,
Relaxed, fresh, and genuine, it is laid bare in its natural state,
Discerned within the interval between samsara and nirvana.
Fundamentally, there is no coming and going in the basic space of Enlightenment.
The enlightened forms of victorious ones, do not come or go.
All the appearances of moving staying or dwelling, that manifest in dreams, do so within a single state of sleep.
However, it is not The sleep that stays moves or dwells, similarly, nothing, neither The Universe of appearances and possibilities whether of Samsara or Nirvana, nor any of the myriad beings who manifest as moving staying or dwelling therein, Strays from the sole state of awareness.
Rather, everything is clearly apparent without truly existing.
The ground of being manifesting as sensory appearances.
Awakened mind..
There is never any thinking or conceptualizing within awakened mind.
The state of absolute enlightenment is free of thinking.
But in so far as ordinary beings hold what does not exist to be existent, they are said to engage in concepts based on confusion.
Awareness is beyond the scope of ordinary Thought, and so is completely non-conceptual timeless awareness.
There is freedom from the limitations of ordinary thought.
It is inconceivable timeless awareness itself.
It is self-knowing awareness, an unobstructed state.
This state can be reached by resting within awareness without making the effort to rest.
It is the state of spontaneous Presence.
Pristine lucidity
This is naturally occurring timeless awareness.
Timeless freedom is exalted above everything. It is freedom from limitation.
In the State of pure freedom and oneness, there is no sense of multiplicity.
Since circumstances are freed from circumstances, reliance on constructs is no longer necessary.
Since causes themselves are freed by causes there is no need for reliance on either Samsara or Nirvana.
Since phenomena is freed by phenomena, there is no need for reliance on conventional descriptions.
Since mind itself is freed by mind, there is no need for reliance on characterization by the intellect.

The secret web of magic states


Matt’s Multidimensional Playshop 5. w(o)w

Hey there beautiful. Yeah, you! Thank You for being you! My name is Matt Cornwall. At this very moment,  too many metaphors abound.

 Here’s one: I’m like a cosmic old-school telephone switchboard operator gal on rollerskates that they used to have, only, the switchboard is the many reflections of the one consciousness, and i’m connecting and plugging myself and with that, my mind’s mirrored many reflections of myself, into higher deeper portal / dimensions of supreme bliss fun love. So, i have this idea. 

Recently, my adorable grand-niece paid me what i consider the greatest compliment ever! She said, ” Uncle Gum,.. (as in uncle great uncle matt : ) how come you’re NEVER serious?” What came out of me is something i don’t remember uttering before, but i told her that it is because i believe seriousness is a disease or dis – ease , or simply, ill at ease.

 I’ve been an artist/writer/actor/musician and DJ, and or overall creator or bringer of joy my whole life, and after coming out of a 5-year stint of completely unplugging from the world, am heeding the deafening collective consciousness shift wailing going on now. 

I”m currently allowing / developing a “Playshop” tentatively called ” Matt’s Multidimensional Playshop 5.w(0)w 

So far, what’s come out of me, is a bunch of really fun silly interactive new improv comedy-styled games and experiments. This has come about when a friend of mine who’s  “cosmic coaching” workshop i’m taking, asked me: 

 “What do you think/ feel the world needs right now?”

 Obviously in addition to Jackie DeShannon’s timeless song “What the world needs now is love,” I told him what the world needs now is fun and cosmic innocent play!

 Being serious is antithetical to the exuberantly playful nature of the universe. 

We are mere children of the universe, playing together on this beautiful little playground. We’re like these magical little cosmic fairies, farting out realities left and right lol.
 We, pure consciousness, are manifesting into marvelous forms, to experiment/have fun/ play with. I’m convinced that any form of suffering is the direct result of the dis-ease known as seriousness or being “GRAVE” ( the irony of this word speaks for itself : )

 One of the projects I’m developing is called the C.S.D.C or The Center for Seriousness Disease Control and Prevention ( modeled after the C.D.C or Center for Disease Control and Prevention.) I’m seeing it as a movement and potential viable national public (mental and therefore physical) health agency…or …not sure if you’re familiar with the movement, which is essentially performance art / group happenings using humor to bring awareness to how ridiculous it is being seriously attached to illusions, of any sort ; )…

 I see it starting out as a commentary/reply call to awareness resulting from our 2-year covid stupor /or the tightening of the nuts and bolts of fear and control, and that we humans are what Landmark Education has called ” meaning-making machines” and since all is invented, the exact opposite of whatever is believed true is also of course true.

 In this new agency, there could be newly defined doctors with new methods of testing how serious a patient is, (how fun and funny would that be ? ; )  and new forms of medication, such as advanced laughter and a whole new definition of vaccinations, or tools for letting go / not taking life seriously at all. 

(A tagline:  ” you should seriously consider how serious you’ve become” ; ) 

Another chapter of the C.S.D.C could be dedicated entirely to creating new absolute love peace and bliss viruses or algorithms.

 I’m seeing it as a call to arms to redefine or remind the masses that we have the power to create re-invent or make up entirely new meaning. It’s our gift, and duty dam it!

Lastly, i’m seeing this agency as a portal for freeing the limited imagination, and opening and cultivating the unlimited imagination.

I mean, let’s keep this strange and magical occurrence we call this human dimension weird and full of unbiased wonderment! This experiment in hyper-normalization is clearly failing us and clearly reaching an end.  We’re all just a bunch of emperors with no clothes on because we’re all born naked, and free. We are still free enough to be able to choose which clothes fit us best, and or no clothing at all…both metaphorically ..and literally (why not! ) 

Our truest antidote has always resided in our miraculous power to re-imagine and re-create. We are indeed fully equipped to infect ourselves with full-blown bliss. We got this. This dream is our dream. We are fast becoming pure bliss scientists. We are here to experience being fully blissfully alive right here right now. It is clearly time to develop the Science of non-seriousness Bliss and Cosmic Innocent Play.